Establishing a Systematic Approach to First Responder Resilience and Injury Mitigation

Embracing the principles of assessment, education, integration, and empowerment to support your wellness initiative.

Tactical Fitness Instructor Certificate

Tactical Performance and Resilience Certificate Program offered by Texas A&M University - Commerce.

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Access our Tactical Research Journal that highlights past and on-going research projects designed to provide assistance to the wellness initiative of the tactical community.

Research is organized and facilitated through the collaboration of Jabai Performance and the TAMUC ROAR HP Lab.

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Mission Statement

"The mission of the Jabai Performance - Tactical Department is to provide cadet and incumbent tactical professionals with a multi-tier approach toward operator resilience. Our strategic efforts when addressing injury mitigation programs originate from the key principles of assessment, education, integration, and empowerment. Our commitment to serve the tactical community is accompanied by a combination of collaborative resources, observable occupational application, and administrative initiative support."

Hussien Jabai

Lead TSAC Instructor

Chief Exercutive Officer

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