Step 3 - Integrate

We divide the integration of professionals into two separate categories:

1) Placing tactical personnel through courses that will qualify them to be internal fitness professionals, and

2) hiring an external company or “vendor” to coordinate programs (or both)

Qualified professionals may utilize assessments driven from university collaboration, or field tests performed by appropriate internal personnel, to construct corrective exercise and tactical strength and conditioning programs. The assessments can then be used to combat the negative effects that the occupational demands have on the human body.

Who We Are

Research (assessment, data collection, testing/evaluation) is provided through a collaboration with Texas A&M University – Commerce and it’s ROARHP Exercise Physiology Lab. All research projects are vetted by the Health and Human Performance Research Team, approved by an Institutional Review Board, and conducted in a safe and professional manner.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas A&M University Commerce ROAR-HP Lab is to provide a personal, accessible, and affordable educational experience for a diverse community of learners within first responder and tactical populations.We engage in creative discovery, and dissemination of knowledge and ideas, for service, leadership, and innovation, in the interconnected and dynamic world of public service.The mission statement is accomplished by ceaseless industry, fearless investigation, unfettered thought, unselfish service to others, and specialized training and assessment modalities, unique to the first responder and tactical landscape.

Tier 1

Baseline Assessment of Program

a) Observe the effectiveness of a program currently in place or b) Observe different health/performance metrics of personnel and identify potential areas of concern

Potential Testing Methods:

Pre/Mid/Post - assess the effectiveness of any current fitness / strength and conditioning program or justify the addition of a new program

Status "at-a-glance"- annual screening to provide feedback on adjustments to programming, lifestyle, or other interventions

Needs Analysis - observe the unique demands of a specific population, station/dept, or even shift

Tier 2

Intervention(s) & Program Development

Potential interventions could include: 

Strength and Conditioning/Fitness/MobilityNutrition program

Additional curriculum and practice

Education ; TCOLE Courses/Clinics/workshops

Creating new curriculum for further education or bridging the gap between education and application

Tier 3

Full Program & Professional Placement

Tier 3 is the development of a self sufficient and annually replenished program that integrates key professionals into roles that will educate and empower personnel. 

Potential professional placement:

Certifying incumbent or instructing personnel as qualified fitness professionals to assist program

Integrate external/vendor/new SOP as subject matters expert

Integrate use of registered dietician services